Armchair Gardening


Garden catalogs have begun to arrive, tucked in between the random greeting cards, bills and ads. They used to wait until January when one had the proper amount of time to dream over the full color glossy photos and decadent descriptions of luscious fruits. 

I now tend to enjoy the odd free moment to sit and savor the photos without the January seriousness of actually planning the garden. Several companies have gone to digital only catalogs and I understand the reason. Less waste. But I still appreciate the beauty of a print catalog.

One of my favorites arrived this week:

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds with a whopping 148 pages! They have an incredible array of heirloom and unusual varieties of veggies, herbs and flowers.

I will highlight some of the best ones for bees over the next few weeks. If you can’t wait then ‘Planting for Honeybees’ by Sarah Wyndham Lewis is a great resource for all season planning and planting.